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My curly hair journal is for anyone looking to keep track of their journey to healthy curls. Whether you’re just beginning to embrace your natural hair texture, transitioning from chemically treated hair or you’ve been rocking your ringlets for a while, it’s packed with resources to help you achieve your best curls yet.

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  • Wire bound journal
  • 6 months worth of undated hair diary pages
  • Divider tabs for each month
  • Inside back pocket for bits & bobs
  • Gold elastic to hold it together
  • Gold foil detailing
  • A5 size

What’s included

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The journey to figuring out how to care for your unique curls is one of trial and error, and this journal will offer a helping hand along the way. Build your hair routine, define your hair goals, record your wash day results and keep track of your favourite hair products all in this handy six month journal.

Why track your curly hair journey?

Keeping track of your progress throughout your curly hair journey is really important! Not only can it help you identify products and techniques that work for you, it also allows you to monitor any changes in your hair along the way.

Because we see our hair everyday, we don’t always notice the gradual transformation that’s happening as our curls become healthier. Taking progress pictures, noting down what works (and what doesn’t) and tracking your curly hair experiments can help identify any problem areas, changes and little wins along the way.

What’s included?

  • A note from Hannah
  • Undated daily hair diary pages:
    • Trackers: Hair day, humidity, weather, water intake
    • Products and application techniques used
  • About my curls:
    • Hair type
    • Problem areas
    • Hair goals
    • Curly hair routine
  • Hair length and product trackers
  • Monthly progress check
  • Space for progress pics
  • Notes 
  • …and more!


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12 reviews for Curly Hair Journal

  1. Alyssa (verified owner)

    This journal is SO well thought out and so beautifully designed! Everything is explained so clearly. There’s lots of info but also lots of encouragement. Hannah has truly thought of everything. It’s detailed yet still simple & organized. It’s exactly what every curly girl needs at the beginning (or otherwise) of the journey to not feel overwhelmed! It’ll be nice to record everything all in one place. I’m so excited to use it and so thankful! 🥰

  2. Luisa (verified owner)

    This is the tool I needed… it makes SUCH a difference to actually document what you are doing, the products, the order, the techniques. I love the color scheme and the by the layout is well thought-through. I has so much information and lovely encouragement. Thank you Hannah!

  3. Cobi (verified owner)

    What a beautiful journal!

    I absolutely LOVE this – it’s so thoughtfully put together and a brilliant way to document your curly hair journey.
    Hannah’s videos and tips have transformed my hair and this journal is brilliant as I can now write down what I’ve used, when etc instead of trying to remember (and forgetting)! It’s really useful to be able to look back and see how different techniques and products affect your curls as the days go by.
    So detailed and enchantingly presented. A joy to have and use.

    Ever grateful for your sharing tips – thanks Hannah, I love my curly hair journal!

  4. Meagan (verified owner)

    I can honestly say with a straight face and no sarcasm that this journal is not just hair changing, it’s life changing. I started my curly transition a few months ago, but was still struggling every so often and not understanding what exactly my hair did and didn’t like. I had attempted keeping my own notebook, writing down the products I used and rating each wash day, but it didn’t tell me much. All I knew was that some combos worked better than others, but a combo could give me bouncy, defined curls one wash day and come out a fluffy, frizzy mess the next. That all changed when I started using this journal, tracking every day whether it was a wash day, refresh day, or neither. Adding detail about the application methods, weather, humidity, and water intake made it all start to come together. Now if I have a bad wash day, I can actually figure out why things went wrong.

    This journal isn’t just fun to use (and pretty to look at!). It’s inspiring, informative, and an actual resource thanks to Hannah and the amazing info she provides. And the schedule and open products tracker? Brilliant! Use this journal in combination with Hannah’s videos and blog posts, and I promise that your hair – and your understanding of it – will change for the better. (Also, super impressed with the gorgeous and protective packaging and the fast shipping even to the U.S.!)

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    I’ve been a huge supporter of Hannah for a long time now, she was one of the first you tubers I binge watched to help me get on my way on my curly hair journey.
    I’m 9 months already into my curly hair journey and it’s so useful to have this now, I think no matter where people are on there journey it’s a really useful tool to have.
    I’ve always been a massive fan of really cute stationary and it’s so pretty and well thought out.
    The journal is designed for 6 months use, well after 6 months, I’ll definitely be getting another one and starting again as it’s great to look back on and have a reminder of the good hair days and the bad! Also we try so many different hair products, so it’s good to have a log of ones we like and dislike.
    Hannah should be really proud of her journal. xx

  6. Mary Morgan (verified owner)

    I just got my beautiful 6 month curly hair journal! I have to say that it’s so beautiful! I cannot wait to start writing in it and start keeping track of my curly hair journey! This is such an amazing product! I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone! Thank you, Hannah

  7. Chloe (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!! I love journals and this journal was what I was missing. This is going to help massively with my curly hair journal and I can’t wait to get stuck in🤩

  8. CurlyJo (verified owner)

    This journal is brilliant!

    I purchased it really to support Hanzcurls but I am struck how amazing the journal will be for newbies starting their curl journey. It is well thought out so you can break down your washdays; which products and techniques used as well as a space to put in if you’ve tried something new and even what the weather and humidity were doing! The monthly check ins are a great thing as well as you’ll be able to compare your progress month on month and set yourself goals. Hannah has thought of everything!

    Even as a ‘seasoned curly’ – I am finding the journal useful as I am recording washdays that are particularly good so I can replicate and washdays that go completely wrong so I can try and work out the issue.

    Brilliant resource.

  9. Sonia Beckett (verified owner)

    Perfect for the start of my curly journey!

    It’s so difficult to remember which products work best & this journal makes it easy 😃

  10. Tracey (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this wonderful journal. I have attempted to embrace my waves and curls in the past but always gave up. This journal is helping me with my journey this time around (nearly 4 weeks straightener and tong free) . I have been able to record what works well for me and what does not and track my progress. I, for example, have worked out that I prefer the way my hair looks the day after wash day. I thoroughly recommend this journal for anyone starting to embrace their curls but also for those who already have – it is a great way of continuing to track progress and record new products trialled. I really love my journal! 😊

  11. Becca (verified owner)

    This journal has helped me realise so much about my hair in just a few weeks! I’ve realised I have scalp sensitivities triggered by certain products, I’ve helped hone in on the application techniques that give me the most consistent results (I’ve realised that more often than not my styling technique has mattered more than the products used) and also it’s been great to see my progress and what hasn’t worked so well for me, which is great as there is so much information out there on Instagram and it’s tempting to try out everything! But then easy to forget which things actually worked for me and which ones did not.

    I don’t often do a proper refresh on non-wash days so I tend to use the pages for washdays only and add comments about their longevity so this journal will last me longer than the intended 6 months. Thanks Hannah!

  12. Clare

    I had my eye on this since Hannah announced it, but hadn’t take the plunge and gone back to my curls yet.
    It’s an absolutely beautiful journal, so well thought out and I know it’s going to be invaluable to me over the next few months, to keep track of methods, products and results. I would recommend this to anyone embarking on their curly journey. Xxx

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