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Please note: The first batch sold out really quickly (eek!), but there will be another pre-sale going live at the end of January.

My curly hair journal is for anyone looking to keep track of their journey to healthy curls. Whether you’re just beginning to embrace your natural hair texture, transitioning from chemically treated hair or you’ve been rocking your ringlets for a while, it’s packed with resources to help you achieve your best curls yet.


  • Wire bound journal
  • 6 months worth of undated hair diary pages
  • Divider tabs for each month
  • Inside back pocket for bits & bobs
  • Gold elastic to hold it together
  • Gold foil detailing
  • A5 size

What’s included

See description below.

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The journey to figuring out how to care for your unique curls is one of trial and error, and this journal will offer a helping hand along the way. Build your hair routine, define your hair goals, record your wash day results and keep track of your favourite hair products all in this handy six month journal.

Why track your curly hair journey?

Keeping track of your progress throughout your curly hair journey is really important! Not only can it help you identify products and techniques that work for you, it also allows you to monitor any changes in your hair along the way.

Because we see our hair everyday, we don’t always notice the gradual transformation that’s happening as our curls become healthier. Taking progress pictures, noting down what works (and what doesn’t) and tracking your curly hair experiments can help identify any problem areas, changes and little wins along the way.

What’s included

  • A note from Hannah
  • Undated daily hair diary pages:
    • Trackers: Hair day, humidity, weather, water intake
    • Products and application techniques used
  • About my curls:
    • Hair type
    • Problem areas
    • Hair goals
    • Curly hair routine
  • Hair length and product trackers
  • Monthly progress check
  • Space for progress pics
  • Notes 
  • …and more!


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