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Top 17 Curly Hair Salons in the UK and Ireland

Yes, that's right, there really are specialist curly hair salons in the UK! If you're a curly girl or guy that's visited regular hair salons throughout your life, I'm sure you'll appreciate that it's not always an enjoyable experience.

We've all been there: wet cuts that look uneven once our curls spring up, hairdressers telling us how to 'tame' our curls and offering us a 'bouncy blow-dry' because they don't know how to diffuse curly hair.

Thankfully, specialist curly hair stylists are growing in popularity across the UK and Ireland, so it's time to say goodbye to bad haircuts that leave you in tears and hello to fab curly cuts.

To help you find a curly hairdresser in your area, I've put together a list of curly hair salons and specialists across the UK and Ireland. Get ready to embrace your curls!

Curly Hair Cutting Techniques

The most popular curly hair cutting technique involves cutting the hair dry, in its natural state, one curl at a time. Curl specialists cut the hair dry because that’s how we wear it. Curly hair springs up as it dries, so cutting the hair when it’s stretched out and wet can result in an uneven curly hairstyle.

There are various types of training stylists can undertake to become certified curl specialists, these include Lorraine Massey’s Curl By Curl, DevaCurl’s Deva Cut and Scott Musgrave’s Curly Hair Artistry. Some stylists will also use their own interpretation of these techniques.

London Curly Hair Salons & Specialists

Curl Talk

Location: Brick Lane

Joleigh from Curl Talk has been cutting my hair since before she even had her salon! I initially found Joleigh on Instagram in 2018, while desperately trying to find a curly hair specialist that knew how to cut and style my hair. Since then, I’ve been getting dry curly hair cuts every six months, and the shape of my curls has never been better. I’ve also noticed that even when my hair grows, the shape stays in place, which is testament to Joleigh’s skills. Joleigh cuts the hair dry, as the curls naturally fall, and is trained and certified in both the Curl by Curl and Deva Cut techniques.

Beyond Curls

Location: The Standard Studio, Blackheath
Instagram: @beyondcurls

Raquel, AKA Beyond Curls, is lovely. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a shoot we did for Bouclème a couple of years back. Raquel styled my hair for the shoot, and while she was doing so, she asked me questions (and really listened to my answers) about my routine and offered me helpful advice. And, while she didn’t actually cut my hair, you only have to look at the before and after pictures on her Instagram page to see what a talented stylist she is.

Lindsey Hughes

Location: Hunter Collective Salon, Farringdon / Rugeley, Staffordshire
Instagram: @lindseycurlwhisperer

Lindsey Hughes offers two different locations for curly hair cuts: London and Staffordshire. After having trained at the Devachan Academy in America, each cut Lindsey performs consists of her interpretation of a Deva Cut. She’s quite clearly very passionate about curly hair and prides herself on giving each client a one to one experience.

Curly Hair London

Location: Denmark Street
Instagram: @curly_hair_london

Stephanie Nikolova is the founder of Curly Hair London. With 30 years of hairdressing under her belt — 10 of those as a curly hair specialist — it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing when it comes to curls. Based in her salon in Soho, Stephanie cuts hair dry, curl by curl and has been trained and certified by Lorraine Massey and Curly Hair Artistry.

South East UK Curly Hair Salons & Specialists

Milton Keynes

Topè Beesley

Instagram: @mahoganynaturalsltd

Topè Beesley is an award-winning curly hair stylist and the creator of curly hair product line, Mahogany Naturals. Topè is also a certified aromatherapist and facialist, which I imagine is the reason why each Mahogany Naturals product smells divine (heart eyes). This lady is quite clearly a woman of many talents! Check out Topè’s Instagram page for some fabulous curly hair transformations.

South West UK Curly Hair Salons & Specialists


Nuala Morey

Instagram: @nualamoreysalon

Nuala Morey and her salon of curly hair stylists (each trained by herself) use a variety of cutting techniques to create the perfect curly hairstyle — this includes both wet and dry (curl by curl) cutting. Every single transformation picture Nuala posts on her Instagram feed is curl goals, which makes me think she knows a thing or two about cutting and styling curly hair.


The Curl Consultant

Location: Exeter
Instagram: @the_curl_consultant_claire

The Curl Consultant, AKA Claire, is a curly hair stylist and the founder of Elevate Hair Studio, Exeter. Claire has over 20 years’ experience in the hair industry and is trained and certified by Lorraine Massey, DevaCurl and Curly Hair Artistry.



Location: Truro
Instagram: @cornwallcurlspecialist

Based in Truro, BlewBelle Curl Studio is home to the Cornwall Curly Hair Specialist, Sarah White. Sarah’s curly hair styling journey began in 2015, and she has since become certified by DevaCurl, Curly Hair Artistry and in Lorraine Massey’s Curl by Curl cutting technique.

West Midlands Curly Hair Salons & Specialists


Curl Confidence

Instagram: @nikkisampsoncurlconfidence

Nikki Sampson is the owner of the Curl Confidence salon in Shrewsbury. It wasn’t until the age of 51 that Nikki decided she wanted to become a curly hairdresser, and since then she has trained with DevaCurl in New York, with Lorraine Massey and alongside curl specialist, Lindey Hughes. Nikki cuts the hair dry, curl by curl, paying attention to your natural curl pattern.

North West Curly Hair Salons & Specialists


Vicky Queen of Curls

Location: McCrory Hair Salon, Manchester
Instagram: @vickyqueenofcurls

Vicky Queen of Curls is a curly hair specialist based at the McCrory Hair Salon in Manchester. Each curly hair cut with Vicky includes a consultation, dry cut and helpful aftercare advice. Vicky has an Instagram feed full of amazing curly cuts to fill you with curly hair inspiration.

Yorkshire Curly Hair Salons & Specialists


The Curl Clinic

Instagram: @thecurlclinic

The Curl Clinic is a specialist curly hair salon based in Leeds. Owner, Kimberley, and her team of DevaCurl trained stylists provide a range of services from a Wash ‘N’ Go to a full Curl Clinic Transformation. Each curly hair cut at The Curl Clinic will be tailored to your hair's individual needs.

Scotland Curly Hair Salons & Specialists

Belle & Blackley

Location: Glasgow
Instagram: @belleblackley

Belle & Blackley is a Glasgow-based hair salon with a focus on curly hair. At Belle & Blackley, your cut will begin with a consultation where you’ll discuss your hair goals and your current hair routine. The stylists at Belle & Blackley cut hair dry, with your curls in their natural state. You’ll also receive advice on caring for your curls at home, along with tips on which products and styling techniques to use.

Brave Curls

Location: Dundee
Instagram: @bravecurls

Brave Curls, AKA Jane, is a curly hair specialist with over 20 years’ hairdressing experience. Jane dove into the world of curly hair after having a daughter with curly hair, and is now trained and certified by Lorraine Massey. In fact, she was the first stylist in the UK to complete two Lorraine Massey classes! Situated in Urban salon, Monifieth, Jane cuts the hair dry, as the curls naturally fall, then follows up by cleansing, conditioning and styling using curl-friendly hair products.

Ireland Curly Hair Salons & Specialists


The Curly Look

Instagram: @thecurlylook

The Curly Look was founded in 2013 by experienced curly hair stylist, Saulo O’Deoraín. Curls come in all shapes and sizes, and Saulo is passionate about encouraging individuals to embrace their natural curls — whatever the texture. Saulo combines a variety of techniques for his signature Curly Cut, which is performed on dry hair, cutting each curl individually.

So, that's it — my comprehensive list of curly hair salons and specialists in the UK and Ireland! I really hope this helps you find a hairdresser that’ll embrace your curls and give them the TLC they deserve. Feel free to let me know if I've missed any off!


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