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15 Curly Hair Gift Ideas For Christmas 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're stuck for curly hair gift ideas, I've got you covered. Whether you're a newbie to the curly girl method and looking for gift ideas for yourself or trying to decide what to buy your curly-haired friend, this article is packed with inspiration. Here are my top Christmas gift ideas for curly hair...

Silk Pillowcase

If you’re looking for a luxurious gift for the curly in your life (or, you know, just yourself) a silk pillowcase is number one on my list. Silk pillowcases help protect the hair overnight to keep your curls looking great on day two and beyond. They keep curls moisturised and soft, and because hair glides across them, they can drastically reduce frizz (unlike their cotton counterparts who suck the moisture out of curls)! Most of my silk pillowcases are from MYK Silk (some bought on Amazon and some gifted), however they don't seem to be as easily available in the UK now, so LilySilk and Only Curls are other good options. If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, you can opt for a satin pillowcase instead – check out Coorie Curls and O So Curly.

LilySilk Cotton Underside Silk Pillowcase, £14

LilySilk Silk Pillowcase, £24

Coorie Curls Vegan Satin Pillowcase, £14

O So Curly Reversible Satin Pillowcase, £24.99

Curly Hair Product Gift Sets

Shopping for curly hair products can be overwhelming because there's so many to choose from! And, it can be even more stressful if you're shopping for someone else. Lots of brands do gift sets with minis, so the gift-receiver can try a brand out before purchasing full-size products, which is fab! To help you out a little, I've included a selection of curly hair gift set ideas to choose from this year. To discover some of my favourite curly hair products, head to my Instagram page. I've also got a blog post all about where to buy curly hair products in the UK, so if you're struggling to find products, check that out!
Best of Bouclème Kit

Best of Bouclème Kit, £33

Only Curls Gift Set, £30 

Curlsmith Curl Tester Kit, £42

Innersense Travel Trio, £24


Diffusers are a curly hair staple – especially in the cold winter months. There are hundreds to choose from, so I can’t list them all, but I’ve included a few below. When it comes to hairdryers, I'd recommend opting for one that has a variety of heat and speed settings.
The Dyson is the more luxurious of hairdryers and on the Christmas wish lists of many. I don’t personally own one, but lots of curlies find the Dyson cuts their drying time down significantly. The Belissima is a great curly hair gift idea for someone who doesn’t own a diffuser or is looking for a travel-friendly option. This nifty hairdryer/diffuser tool has two heat/speed options – medium and high. I do own this diffuser and personally find the medium heat to be quite warm, so it’s best for those who use the hover diffusing technique. But I know lots of curlies use and love this dryer and don’t find it too hot – perhaps I’m just sensitive! I’ve included my favourite diffuser, the Xtava Black Orchid, which I purchased from the US Amazon, but for more diffuser ideas, head to my how to diffuse curly hair article. The Black Orchid is not universal, so you may need to purchase a SnozzlePro attachment to connect your diffuser to your dryer.

Bellissima Diffon Diffuser, £39.99

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and Diffuser, £299.99 

Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser, £19.99 + import fees

Hair Bobbles – Invisibobbles & Scrunchies

Every curlfriend with hair long enough to tie up needs some Invisibobbles (in my opinion). They're snag-free hair bobbles that don't leave a kink in the hair, and if you take them out correctly, they don't get stuck in your curls (see my Instagram Reels for a tutorial on that)! Silk or satin scrunchies are also a great gift idea for those with curly hair – not only do they look super cute, but they also help keep curls frizz-free.

Invisibobbles, £3.30

Only Curls Mini Silk Scrunchies, £10

Bouclème Silk Scrunchie Duo, £16

Hair Bonnet or Buff

Another great way to protect curls overnight is with a hair bonnet or buff. Bonnet-wise, I love the one pictured from Only Curls because it looks super chic. But, if the person you're buying the gift for has lots of hair, I'd recommend the Curl Talk satin bonnet which is very roomy! Some curlies prefer to wear a buff, like the ones pictured, to protect their curls at night. Both are great options. The BamBonn is on my Christmas wish list!

Only Curls Satin Sleep Turban, £16

BamBonn Hair Buff, £12.50

Curl Talk Satin Bonnet, £25

Pack of 6 Seamless Hair Buffs, £9.99

Spray Bottle

Every curly needs a spray bottle! It’s a real staple in my curly hair routine – I used it when applying products, I use it to refresh my hair and sometimes I use it to cool myself down in the summer. If you’re going to purchase a spray bottle, I’d recommend opting for a continuous mist or flairosol type because these are much gentler on the wrist (and less of a harsh spray on your curls).

Curly Girl Movement Mist Spray Bottle, £8.99

Amazon Mist Spray Bottle, £6.99

Curl Towel

If you've got curly hair, or you live with someone who does, you should know by now that regular terry towels can dry our hair out and cause frizz! While, yes, you can use a cotton t-shirt instead, a curl towel makes a lovely gift.

Bouclème Curl Towel, £25

Noughty Microfibre Hair Towel, currently £4.99

Perfect Haircare Towel and Brush Combo, £22

Curl Magazine Subscription

The learning never ends when you have naturally curly hair, so how about a subscription to Curl Magazine? Yes, that's right, a magazine dedicated to curly hair! The US publication is available in print and online, so wherever you are in the world, you can get your hands on a copy! Each issue is packed with curly hair tips, tricks and inspiration, as well as real-life stories.

Curl Magazine, from $8.97

Hair Product Storage

If you (or the curly-haired person in your life) have so many products that you don't know what to do with them, perhaps some extra storage would come in handy. I personally use a trolley (pictured) to store all my products, but I know others like to hang theirs on the back of a door.

Hobbycraft Storage Trolley, £28

Amazon Over-Door Storage, £10

Scalp Massager

A scalp massager is a brilliant curly hair tool that can be used in a number of ways, depending on which type you opt for. A silicone scalp massager can be used when cleansing the scalp to give a really deep cleanse – ideal for those who co-wash or struggle with buildup. I use a plastic long-fingered one to fluff my hair out at the roots – it's also fab for oil scalp massages.

Amazon Silicone Scalp Massager, £7

Bouclème Silicone Scalp Massager, £12

Amazon Five Finger Scalp Massager, £2

Detangling/Styling Brush

Not all curlies use detangling brushes for their hair (I personally finger detangle), but for those with very thick tangle-prone hair, a detangling brush is a great gift idea. I love the Tangle Teezer! You could also opt for a detangling gift set, like the one pictured from No Knot Co. Styling-wise, the Denman brush is a cult favourite in the curly hair community, so it'll make a fab gift.

Tangle Teezer Original, £8

No Knot Co Curl Essentials Kit, £30

Denman Brush, £8.50


Hair Clips

A brilliant way to accessorise curly hair is with some cute hair clips, and I love these giant tortoise shell snap clips from Only Curls! If you want to buy your curlfriend a curly hair staple, though, you can't go wrong with some small butterfly clips.

Only Curls, Giant Snap Hair Clips (currently sold out but hopefully back in stock soon)

Amazon Mini Claw Clips, £4

Satin Lined Woolly Hat

Baby, it's cold outside, but us curlies struggle to wear woolly hats because...frizz. Thankfully, there's a solution – silk and satin-lined hats! Perfect for the cold winter months, we can now keep our heads warm and prevent frizz at the same time! You can also get satin-lined headbands which are super cute and great for keeping your ears warm.

Curly and Kind Satin-Lined Hat, £40

Curly and Kind Satin-Lined Headband, £18


Selfie Light

If you (or the curly you're gifting) are tracking your curly hair journey and taking lots of selfies in the process, a selfie light will help enhance your pictures! With clip-on selfie lightsmini tripod selfie lights, and full-blown ring lights, there's something for every budget!


Clip-On Selfie Light, £8.50

Mini Tripod Selfie Light, £12.99

Neewer Ring Light, £79.99

Curly Haircut Voucher

What do we normally buy the person who has everything? A voucher, of course! Curly haircuts can be pricey, but lots of curly hair specialists now offer gift vouchers, which makes an ideal treat for the curly in your life. Not sure which salon to choose? Check out my guide to curly hair specialists in the UK.
So, there you go! That's my guide to the top curly hair gifts for 2020 – hope it helps!
*Disclaimer* This is a gift 'guide'. I have not personally tried all of these products, and am not responsible for any product or shipping issues. Some affiliate links have been used throughout which earns me a very small commission per order.

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